Brandswell has been a virtual, integrated brand, marketing and communications agency since 2005.
At Brandswell, we harness expert energy and a legacy of excellence to drive marketing results.
We have a proven 15-year track record in the ideation and implementation of original and highly effective marketing campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands.

who we are

A collective of expert marketers

We have been brand managers, marketing managers, PR and brand strategists.
Our combined experience with everything from small businesses to big brands and big budgets gives us insight that generates the best marketing impact.

An African-based marketing agency

Most people don’t see the world like marketers, so we approach our brand and project management strategy a little differently.
This means stepping out from behind the desk to find the most unique ideas.

Our ideas are always consumer-centric and business grounded

Brand positioning that’s not going to create unforgettable associations, tap into passion points and deliver real business objectives, is not for us. It shouldn’t be for you either.

How we do it

A channel-neutral, 360˚ approach

We know that even the biggest branding ideas are only as good as their implementation.
It’s why we design a route-to-market strategy across all platforms.
We have extensive project management experience in coordinating multiple agencies and suppliers on big brand campaigns.

what we do

Our lead agency services focus on harnessing and integrating the core skillsets of carefully selected specialists and creatives in the delivery of successful brand campaigns.

Our core team has key skills in creative project management, with a focus on protecting the integrity of your brand identity. This allows us to retain core creative ideas through strong procurement and management.

why choose us

Years of Experience
Clients Helped
Successful Campaigns
Your brand is unique. Your creative, media and digital should be too…

Our experience from a brand office environment means that we understand the issues that brand and marketing managers face in today’s ever evolving creative landscape.

A long, successful track record of original ideas and implementation with leading global brands makes us a respected brand partner.
We have a deep understanding of the ever-evolving market in South Africa and are making inroads into the rest of Africa.

contact us

33 Ballyclare Drive
Ballywoods Office Park
1st Floor Yellowwood House

24 Dan Pienaar Road

Telephone: +27 83 236 7580

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This is our News Feed Blog where we add our social media posts and all interesting posts we share on LinkedIn and on Meta including Facebook and Instagram. Soon we will explore world of TikTok and gauge the viablity of  increased presence for our Brandswell Brand. Watch this space for all things design, marketing and branding.

Our News Feature

We invite you to take up the challenge in the form of a checklist, whilst we guide you through the must-do’s to increase your brand’s position, and to initiate brand awareness whilst literally increasing your branding impact. Sounds easy enough! Watch out for our weekly tips and check them against our checklist. If it works for us it can definitely work for you and your business.

Our first post in our exciting task orientated guide to increase your branding impact. This first installment revealing the power of your USP, your Unique Selling Proposition. Here you define the specific and clear benefit that makes your business stand out when compared to others in your market. A unique selling point can be thought of as “what you have that competitors don’t.”

Building a stronger online presence means maintaining a fully functional business website with functionalities to promote the business, it’s USP plus the utilities of the site must include at least two social media links, have an onboard payment gateway for transaction or subscription payments. Business sites in trend are scroll activated homepages with all pages on a single scroll from about us to contact information.



The African continent has the fastest growing youth population in the whole world with 60 percent of its population under the age of 25. South Africa alone has a youth population of 20.6 million. June is a month to recognise the potential of this segment of the population who are our future politicians, change makers, doctors, professors and workers. Lets celebrate their opportunity to change history and focus on their future.



Your logo is the first point of contact either on a business card or signage.
Keep your logo simple that when reduced, the style and fonts are in tact and readable, also make sure the monotone options are legible for stationery applications such as pens, pads and fabric merchandise. Research the colors in your industry that aligns with your brand, logos and a good CI can take time to develop yet is one of the most important components of your business.



Our point three on our checklist is a given to increase your Branding impact, increase your customer experience, that is increasing efficiency, productivity with a dash of extra value. Quality and excellence with good customer service enlists trust and repeat business.




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This Youth Day we celebrate and champion the youth by recognising black inventors who have helped shape the world, in doing so we want to inspire the
next generation of black youth and encourage the next generation of black inventors to achieve greatness. 



International Surf Day, an unofficial, environmentally conscious sports-centered holiday that celebrates the sport of surfing and the sustainability of ocean resources, for us it reminds us of our journey through the years since 2005, riding waves of success. Creative, events, advertising, PR.  Lets ride the wave together.





Today is the International Nelson Mandela Day, as we celebrate the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, through 67 minutes of doing good today, we honour a true legend and icon. We recognise Nelson Mandela whose ideas about community and progress continue to inspire us.